Tankless Vs Traditional Water heaters

For this experiment, we pitted our Marquis tankless water heater against a traditional 40-gallon gas fired water heater to determine which gives homeowners more bang for their buck.

Better Savings


For a long time, the misconception was that traditional water heaters were cheaper options in terms of upfront cost. However, with today’s energy standards and the new regulations outlined in the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA), a 40 gal high-efficiency water heater can actually be much more expensive than a Marquis tankless water heater.

Better Installation


A traditional 40-gallon water heater weighs over 200 pounds! -that’s the average weight of a sports athlete. To safely and successfully install something that heavy there must be at least two service professionals involved, driving up the cost. On the other hand, the Marquis Tankless weighs only 88 pounds and hangs on the wall, making installations a one man operation. Another factor to consider is the piping /connections. With traditional water heaters, the venting, water connections, and pressure relief valve all come out of the top- in many cases resulting in one crowded mess. Connections for a tankless unit come out of the bottom. These features make for an easier install at a lower cost.

Better Demand Performance


The Marquis Tankless has the ability to produce 300 continuous gallons of 120-degree water an hour with incoming water temperatures as low as 43 degrees. That’s lower than most wells during the harshest winter months. Unfortunately for the 40 gal water heater, that kind of demand simply isn’t possible.

Better Efficiency


The water pattern in the Marquis Tankless allows for the products of combustion to condense, dramatically increasing operating efficiency. That means the Marquis will only use the fuel needed, when needed, to meet the demand for hot water. In contrast, the traditional 40 gal water heater will simply turn on its 40,000 BTU burner until the mass of the tank is back to a set point, with no condensing and no modulating.


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